Amazing Sex – Are You Doing These 3 Important Sex Techniques In the Bedroom?

Are you having amazing sex?

You might think you are, but unless you are aware of these 3 very important sex techniques that must be employed then you might actually be having less than amazing sex. Even if you are aware of these important tips, this will serve as a reminder of how vital it is to employ them regularly in the bedroom.

    1. Are you lasting long enough (and this is NOT just for the guys!) This has to be mentioned and must be stressed because it is the number one problem which prevents couples from having amazing sex. If you are a guy and you can’t hold out long enough then there is no alternative but to learn techniques so that you can last as long as you wish in the bedroom. Sex will be a thousand times better for your partner and it will be vastly improved pleasure wise for yourself as well. Learn the techniques and last longer in bed! Now, this is not just for the guys. Ladies you have to learn to extend your sexual pleasures as well and not become too anxious to orgasm. This is actually a problem which rarely gets mentioned. There are many women who will jump right into sex and start grinding away trying to orgasm as quickly as possible. Take your time! Enjoy sex and don’t rush it. This is actually frustrating for the guy who is making concerted efforts to hold out in anticipation for long lasting sex, yet suddenly finds the sexual act over too early due to an overzealous female lover.
    1. Going down. Oral sex is an act that should be practiced regularly. Almost all sex which is considered “incredible” will include oral sex. Now even if you don’t orgasm through the specific act of oral, it is still an excellent “warm up” to the actual act of sex itself. You can make oral sex a separate experience or combine it as an all in one experience. That is you can stimulate one another through oral means to achieve orgasm, and then have another session of regular intimacy, or you can include oral pleasures as mentioned before, like a warmup before the real deal. Oral importance applies to both men and women, but it should be stressed more on men due to their general lack of knowledge on how to perform mind blowing cunnilingus. Guys, you have to learn the techniques for performing proper oral so as to get the mind blowing orgasmic results your after.
  1. Doggy Style or Reverse Cowgirl. Are you employing these positions enough during sex? Again, more often than not when you employ these positions you are headed towards what is considered to be incredible sex. If you are just doing the standard missionary position or the women on top position then you are just having the usual run of the mill type of sex. Doggy style or reverse cowgirl both offer increased stimulation for the female and an enormous amount of visual stimulation for the male who is able to view and grab the beautiful rear end of his partner, while also reaching up or around to obtain a nice hand grabbing of breast stimulation. These are two very important positions not to be ignored!

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